Finding your dream home isn’t easy. It takes preparation, searching and a lot of patience. Below are some tips to help you.

Where to start

Speak with your MMF Finance Representative before you start looking for that home or investment. They will prepare you for what is required, so you can go with confidence to purchase your property.

Know what you’re looking for

Think about the property you want to buy, a unit, town house, a free standing house or you may want to purchase an apartment off the plan (you will save money on stamp duty that way). Then make a list of the suburbs or towns in which you would like to live.

A good place to start your search is in your local and regional newspapers. Your local Real Estate Agents will be a useful resource, as they will know the area and the types of properties available. Study the types of properties in the area and their selling prices.

Plan your search

Always start early. Get the newspaper and ring ahead to confirm appointments and the price range of the properties you are considering. A street directory is handy, as you will get information about the street and the area such as whether it’s too close to freeways, close to parks, shopping centers or schools etc.

List the properties and the sequence that you wish to see them. Carry a folder or clipboard to hold information you may gather from your property inspections. Checklists are essential.

When you have found a property that you might consider buying, contact your MMF Finance Representative straight away!